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3 Some Chocolates - Get Some

Updated: Jul 3

Strolling around social media seeking to be a blessing. While on LinkedIn, a post by J Silas Green, Media Relations Digital Marketing, Silas Green Global Media, Green Dynasty Marketing, spoke of Chocolatier Patrick Glanville who co-owns 3 Some Chocolates with Kristin Parker. 3 Some Chocolates is rightly named for the three different types of Chocolate in their chocolate bars.

The best way for LUTG RADIO to assist is to provide media coverage. The story that grabs you is how Patrick Glanville, a tall handsome man that looks more like an Athlete or Doctor, is actually a man that know chocolate. The two business partners Kristin Parker and Patrick Glanville are raising capital to build their dream of market saturation. Thus far 399 individuals contributed to the dream of raising over $195k of the $3 million dollar mark.

Of course, wisdom says to do your homework prior to investing into anything. It is a joy to see entrepreneurs go for their dreams. Let's see if they wisely adjust their dreams to strive in the current scare of the Covid flu virus. Opening a full service restaurant is a part of the plan. It seems like the Chocolate business should be the priority first. Its what people love, $17,981.77 worth of love.

Kristin Parker put in an initial investment of $2797 and has only paid herself $184 of that initial investment back. Kristin says she will wait til the company is viable before repaying herself back the loan to the 3 Some Chocolates. $17981.77 in sales reported on their WeFunder.com . It does not show for which quarter of which year the sales exist, estimating 2020.

The idea is favorable. In comparison to other Chocolatier sites they are on target except remove the bargain basement discount and invest signs. Instead use pop-ups on your sites, put a page or link at top and bottom of page. You are an investment, not begging on a street corner. Tell your church or faith family to tell all their friends, school mates and then some. The cheap discount and invest beg sign do not look like you. Kristin Parker and Patrick Glanville, are a brand, 3 Some Chocolates, the makers of Fine Chocolate. You know, you do not have to give up equity to get good advice on production companies. Try asking the host of the show, the Profit, Marcus Lemonis. He owns production companies, get a quote or pay him for his time and advice or find someone like The Profit to help you make the money you know you can make with this Chocolatier business. The community of Chocolate eaters believes in you.

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