Athlete Alyssa Broderick accused father of sexual assault now dead

Above pictures of Willie Simmons III and Alyssa Broderick (Your News You tube Channel)

Alyssa, an athlete and former student of Elgin High School was killed over the weekend. Authorities arrested 41-year-old Stephen Broderick on a capital murder warrant. Three people were killed, Alyssa, her mother, Amanda Broderick and Alyssa's boyfriend Elgin High School football athlete Willie Simmons III. A tragic loss for these families and the community.

Alyssa's NCSA sports reel shows her as a good athlete with some good potential. Athletics is not just about the sport but about life. The team is the same as a community. You work within a team to achieve a goal, a win. A win is most points on the score board and working together even when you don't win. The following videos does the talking for Alyssa, who tried speaking out to get help so that she could have a chance to live a good life. Alyssa was talented and an asset to her team.

Alyssa's you tube page describes her as,

"Alyssa is a prospect with unlimited potential. Every time she steps on the floor, Alyssa is one of the most athletic players, giving her an advantage against most competition. However, she is much more than just an athlete. Alyssa has a solid handle and is consistent shooting the ball out to three point range. She does the most damage attacking down hill and using her size and quickness to attack the rim. She is also a lock down defender on the defensive end and loves to track down shots in transition. If she continues to work hard and grow, Alyssa can end up being a top tier player in the class of 2022."

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