Business take the lead $15 per hour minimum in all of U.S.A.

The American business industry continues to wait on the politicians to enforce a minimum living wage. But by the time it is approved the ability live on that new designated minimum hourly wage, in reality, it is no longer a living wage.

Big business seeks investors who want a big profit. That profit is derived from the ability of the consumers of goods to actually participate in the purchasing and consumption of goods. I add the word purchase because much legislation is regulated to crime and

punishment . It appears the reason for not increasing wages is to prop up the requirement for crime and punishment which is an industry of great profits. There should be more schools than prisons.

Paying farmers not to farm. Providing fewer grocery stores. Lowering ability to access food, housing, education, employment. Food and water is a currency the body needs to survive. This increase in hunger promotes desperation and the illegal idea to steal to satisfy the hunger pangs of an aching stomach.

When you provide for those that assist you in gaining great riches you are sowing seeds that last beyond you. And you remove the Robin-hood idiom that sits in the heart of hungry men. A rich man value is the legacy of the hearts and families he has changed for the better.

Forcing people to be hungry and in poverty is not a great history book to read. Many successful business owners know from first hand experience what it is to be hungry and desiring a better life. Others, who did not grow up poor or in need , you hear and read the testimonies of the poor and needy. Extend compassion. If you eat, then all of your staff should be able to afford to eat the same. Help your employees to empathize with you. See you in each of them. Blessed people appreciate. Appreciation builds loyalty. My faith is in you business industry.

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