Defrost turkey

Whether this is your first time cooking a turkey or not, I want share how I defrosted my turkey.

I chose the refrigerator, roasting pan and water.

Just put the turkey with all the wrapping intact into the roasting pan with no water in a roasting pan. Slide it into the refrigerator, then pour clean cold water from the kitchen faucet into the pan.

This thaws the turkey. You will notice the water gets colder or even has ice cicles in it. I guess you can call it reverse osmosis. It’s like a hen sitting on an egg to hatch. The ice is trying to freeze the stuff, water, around it to maintain its own coldness. The ice is leaving the turkey.

Check it every hour so you change the water. Pour the water into the sink. Just clean the sink and hold the turkey or set to the side so you can pour out the water.

It’s takes about 24-48 in refrigerator cause I did not check it every hour. But, you can defrost it this way in about 3-4 hours. if you set the turkey in water in the sink or roasting pan and sit it on the counter. You still need to change the water often.

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