Eleven Twenty Nine

Relationships, marriage is work you got to put the in the time, be present. I have never been married because one of us gave up. I will admit it was me quite a few times. I wanted that thing Jesus talks about in the Holy Bible.

Jesus says in Mark 11, to believe before you pray That you receive the thing(s) you are praying for and you will have it. So, gather your thoughts, see yourself with the subject of your prayer. See your beloved in your heart, holding you or you holding that person. It may take a minute. Ok now read this rhyme I wrote to help you remember to love, forgive and receive your loved one.


“Eleven twenty nine” by KathyBrocks

A rhyme in time in my mind

Kindly remind me a little of this time

it’s a promise of yellow red green

Wait Stop Go

Hold on to that flow

Looking at his photos videos hoping he wrote

Something to ease my mind

Love got trifocals

Every thing I hear I see I lick

Like a baby taste to see if it’s real

Sniff sniff for the familiar

Women men

Taps my wondering

Touch look

Did he Book that hook

Get his crane stuck again

Images got me wondering

Check my text

Like am standing in line

Your race starts with me

ends with me

Nothing between the twain

you the street am the main

Like peanut butter and jelly

I want to be stuck to you

Don’t need a ring to prove it

Give the ring for the love of it

No Black Friday sales on my flags my seat,

it’s you and me

Either your word is Gold with a Capital

Or it’s burning in the water

Let the raft float

You and me are smoke

In need of a kindling

Strike a match

Drop the brown hustle

Apply for the real muscle

Her youth never dwindling

Responds to words of cuddling

Your love the key to this locked door

Hungry man dinner piping hot

Remotes outlawed

Am your static flow

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