His shoes

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

No one knows the heart of a man

by KathyBrocks

Edited 11/27/2020

Less you been in his shoes

You don’t know how hard he tries

He’s holding back the tears in his eyes

Juggling lies to keep his life alive

Secret ladies

Cleft of the boobs

hidden babies

Rumors of men in his thighs

His money keeps ‘em quiet


No one knows the heart of a man

Less you been in his shoes

A job that pays the bills

His passion a pill

doorway to his real work

Making music

Running gutter

hitching misters

with grown sons

grown sisters

no cash to the hand

stacking favors

Like gold bars

It’s hard limping

With pockets that thick

Let ‘em know if you want this chick that chick

the D to make you freeze

Goooh Waah

sliding to your knees

He got you mister

Cause no one knows the heart of a man

planning for his fam

Looking in

its blank

you see ‘em

you see ‘em not

Like a rope tide to the spot for a yacht

that’s not

He making moves

Building marble walls

Insults slide off

No one knows the heart of a man less you been in his shoes

Words hurt

Like milk caught in your throat

Shake it off

You eating steak

That’s Santa Clause

asking Satan for a milkshake

Bitter words like vinegar

Add a little sugar you making cake

Hate can’t fill a man’s shoes

Getting in faces streaming respect me

Let yo honey savor

Honey flavor

Honey money

Honey favor

Lyrics Speak the lingo

Yo go give GOD the praise

Raising ‘em up

It’s ancient

more famous

Let your name be like Abraham

sit in the seat of Jesus

Shake the hands

It’s cool

They fans.

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