Inspirational Apparel

Inspirational Apparel by Kathy Brocks

Am a fan of word songs

I just like writing rhymes

This is not disrespect to you or your crew

Glad you got your back to me

In my face you always safe

My hands wide open

I won’t close ‘em

You won’t always see the light

But you may hear me fight the good fight


the words of GOD on my tongue

setting things right

Monday through Friday 9am

You are not alone

Jesus loves you your crew family too

GOD bless you

Your body a canvas of memories for the world to see

Jesus sees you

Conversations begin with His name

leads to no temptation

delivers from evil

comforts in pain

GOD’s on your side

give up the driver’s seat

listen to His heart

it’s in His book

every day is a day for you and Jesus to be a crew that sticks closer than a friend

He’ll never leave you

Your apparel’s inspirational

It started the rhymes

may Jesus bless this rhyme

to save souls and mercy for the

Love on your neck

Tupac twirling his scarf

for effect to the ladies

Checking the scene

storing up bars

Hope he with Jesus resting in heaven

learning from GOD

getting understanding

thanks for the inspiration

pillsbury post host

look like a twin grin

like original the most

changes water to wine

with his magnetic memory

Music his oven

law his mitts

secret spits on wax

Give a few bars for Jesus

by KathyBrocks

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