Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Today, I received words of encouragement and wanted to share them with you. Jesus wants to talk with you today. You are on The Mind of GOD.

He wants to hear about your day, from you. Talk to Jesus like He is a friend, because, He sticks closer than a friend and is a great secret keeper.

Whether you ate the last of the ice cream and put the box back in the freezer, drank from the juice bottle, left the toilet seat up or use stuff that’s not yours. Jesus forgives, delivers and sets free.

Freedom to breath is one Word away, Jesus. Jesus help. Jesus this is what happened today. Jesus my day will be difficult today, help me LORD.

Invite Jesus into your day everyday. The LORD loves going for walks, sitting to eat, play, pray, work with you. You are on the mind of The LORD. I just wanted to share this with you.


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