No stuffing make mashed fried baked potatoes

So, you like cornbread stuffing but lacking the main ingredient, cornbread. You can either make it from scratch or Just have potatoes. I only use what’s in the kitchen as I am cooking. So, if I forget something at the store then oh well Kitchen Scratch time.

So soak potatoes in soapy bleach water for about 15-30 minutes to get the dirt off. I use about a cap full or two lof bleach to a large bowl of water I scrub mine with a soft kitchen brush. Eating dirt can cause stomach aches . Then boil a couple of potatoes, two For each person. Boil til softened. You can gently poke it a knife. Now do not throwout the water because it’s starch. You can use to iron curtains or clothes just mix with a little water you can test the strength you want to use. Rice water is better cause it’s thinner. But starch From pasta is used to make pudding, thicken sauces, etc. Just an fyi, for your information.

Okay, so I was saying boil, drain rinse with water to cook. Pat potatoes dry and cut and fry in oil til golden brown. Next take out and blend with seasonings and milk and butter. Then heat oven to 375 degrees. Put some oil on the cookie sheet and fry til brown and then mix .

it tastes good. God bless I git to go get my turkey now.

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