No Names by KathyBrocks

No name by Kathy Brocks

Your name

His name

Her name

My name, Kathy Brocks, is the only one I want to remember

When they came at me saying

do you know

The name of the man(Maine)

that did that though

No name

No him

No her

My name, Kathy Brocks, is the only one I want to remember

My name

don’t play no games

Bring no shame

No names

on my lips

to flip

No flap in my gap

you can relax

no shiv

no shed

I got the word

of GOD to spread

never knew any bid

His name

Her name

Your name

My name

In Jesus’ head

Speaking to my ear

“Pray til I tell you to stop

Now hit that rock

One strike only

Two will make you lonely”

You say I missed my youth

In the Jesus booth

You could have been on

lots of coins

riding loins

diapers for your memories

He’d be 23

Yo name

His name

Her name

My name ,Kathy Brocks , is the only one I want to remember

My Name don’t

play no games

bring no shame

Jesus’ name

let’s me forgive

the mess in my chest

pound too hard it’ll take a breast

Giving no breathe to stress

I want the man that loves these breasts

Slide a million dollar bill not to cop a feel

But cause he real

Clean hands pure heart

A burger at home is sexier than File’meon

I thank GOD for my life

No sorrow for my name

Not being wife in my tender years

Busy knowing no names

Playing no games

About Jesus’ biz

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