Pushing my way up

My name is Kathy Brocks. I got to get real.

I host a radio show daily called LUTG RADIO, Let Us Thank God Radio . On this show I break down scriptures for the purpose of uplifting anyone listening. Depending on the tuning of your ear you may hear the breakdown as 45 minutes of my opinion only. It's not. I just try to make it as simple as possible. It took me more than 10 years to understand the bible. I mean it took me over 10 years to listen to GOD as He was speaking to my heart. You may be like me too.

I rate the past few years as rough on the life scale.

I say this because life is just rough right now.

I push an orange dolly to get groceries and anything I need for the house. Its a mode of transportation. Some may laugh and others may say, so what. But, yes, I am just doing what I have to do to get by. There are a lot of folks just getting by and some not at all. How about you?

I am a College graduate. My school has international campuses. Higher education says am supposed to be someone successful, rich, married with children. I learned how to learn. But, not how to demand what I wanted to afford me to do more than just get by. This is not the fault of the College. I just did not make the connects to secure the strings of thriving income. Do you know the value of your talent?

I was busy putting out fires in my life, I didn't prepare to live. I thought I had more time. When I would try to rise to success, I would get knocked down. So, I did what I knew. I always saw my mother get back up: after the house fire; pipes bursting in the winter; gossip; death of a child; death of a mother; 16 hours of daily work emergencies and then rushing her own to the hospital. So, I would try again and again and again. I moved from one state to another with a promise of better. I believed. But, that promise did not work out. Do you know about this?

So, I did what I do, I moved forward. I took the first job I could find. On that job I watched a man almost get crushed to death and I got injured. I was relieved of my job. No compensation. Even though I forgave the person that injured me, she took my job away anyway. That was the other cheek. I pressed forward believing for the best.

I found another job and management and fellow co-workers made it a dangerous place to work. I almost died. What they thought was harmless, punching, fluid on the floor near electricity, over stacking heavy objects forcing me to stand in the midst of it, pushing a garbage can beyond reach in overly stacked areas, locking me in a room, walking in on me in the bathroom , because everyone gets hazed as a new hire and finally injuring me to the point I could not do my job. I prayed. I forgave. I healed and I pushed forward believing Jesus all the way. Did you ever think, wow, things must get better?

Two men decided to help me relieve myself of my car by going under it and tampering with it without my permission. Yadda yadda yadda. No proof nothing I can do. No money to fix it. Since the fall I have been pushing the orange dolly everywhere. I just keep pushing forward believing Jesus for better.

I believe that there is no poverty in heaven so it should not exist in the earth. But even Jesus spoke about providing for the needy, the widow, the orphan. Those were the groups often without income.

No one wants to be in the needy group. We all want to be a giver that can actually afford to give to a person or an event. Do you remember your last charitable action and why you did it?

Can you recall a time you heard a still small voice say, bless that person with such and such?

We bombard heaven with pleas of use me Lord, but when GOD asks for our assist at an inconvenient time, item, we need to confirm the validity of the voice speaking to us. You say, is this GOD or am I loosing it. Like you I held on to my last when the preacher called for a third passing of the bucket.

I wanted a large fish dinner so I let that offering bucket pass me by. I already gave my ten percent.

This is not about hitting you up for a donation. Its about me telling you about my struggle and my hopes on working it out. I hope reading about my struggle will help you in some way or move you on the path away from financial and social volcanic eruptions.

When a person asks you for prayer seek GOD and pray for or teach them to pray. When a business opportunity arises do not leave the impoverished person out, help them to participate in the learning and earning. Teach them to fish like you as long as its legal.

Remember, it would be great to not be hated on because, you think of me, in a certain way. I am not a looser. I am not using my faith to look down on you. I am just still trying to walk up the steps of life. You may know of me by word of mouth in my younger days or


But, you do not know me unless you have put in the time to get to know me. The same goes for others who you just randomly send hate mail. This is for us all who are experiencing hate or distributing hate, anger or following the crowd without truly understanding the heart of the matter. Love GOD. Forgive your trespassers. Love yourself. Love your neighbor.

Imagine life in your world without hate. Its peaceful. Its filled with joy and laughter that does not come with a hate bill due. It allows you to relax and enjoy your life and actually make plans. I believe we can love like Jesus. There is plenty of life in GOD for all of us to live, prosper and enjoy living out the life GOD gave us.

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