STOP! Do not kill yourself.

Jesus loves you. It's okay to call for help.

Suicide Prevention Hotline

National Institute of Mental Health

Veterans Crisis Line

Crisis Text Line

I know that things either seem pretty difficult or they are so bad you feel like one half of Romeo and Juliet. But your life is not a Romcom. You laughed a little. If you didn't laugh, I did. I laugh at my own jokes. Check out my show, the comedy in the bible is sure to make you tinkle just a little. It's ok Jesus will fix it. This is what I did for my brother when he would get down. I talked to him. I did what I could to make him laugh till he could focus on the solution instead of the problem. He did pass away, from HIV-AIDS a few years ago. Why try to kill yourself if you are going to die anyway? I asked him what was the rush? Aah, you laughed. He said he hated his clothes.

Clothes? I said. Well, if you hate the sponge pants you wear, then just go naked and tell people you are in your new wine skin. Am joking. Okay, do not do that okay am joking.

His medical condition make him self conscious and folks made fun of him pretty bad. His boyfriend would beat the snot out of him. I tried to intervene one day and he would not let me. Yo, its gets funny again. He and a friend who was a cross dresser pranced down the street one day in all pink and pearls and sure enough dudes started yelling. So, one of his friends yelled back, you are angry cause you like me.

We all fell down laughing cause, there was some truth to it. My brother was a sneak. He pretended to be weak then he would pop his aggressor like the dude stole something. Most men, thought he was weak cause he was gay. Nope, just the opposite.

I grew up with a large group of people that died from ignorance of youth called bullets, guns, knives, drug overdoses. I heard of some people jumping off bridges with no nets. Others died in car crashes, or just gave up. But, you should never give up.

So, if you are missing a loved one who passed, call a friend of that person and listen to the good things they say about your loved one(s). I will bet they know some stories you forgot about or never knew about. They probably tried calling you to talk and you just ignored them. Try calling. Politely apologize for the delay and ask them to tell you a little about what they remember about your loved one.

How about sickness? It's like spoiled milk, something you don't want and the smell lingers longer than you anticipated. Let's say fooey to sickness. Take the doctor prescriptions, orders and stuff. While you are at it, say something like Jesus thank you for healing me. Hey Jesus I put in an order for healing 9 months ago. I could have given birth. Jesus, I was rubbing my belly button, does my finger smell? Jesus laughs and laughs with you. Jesus wants you to choose life. Do not hurt yourself.

Say, are you cooking all the food in the house for the holidays just cause you are use to doing it, but no one is coming to eat with you? I got a solution. Make plates for all your family members including the cranky ones. Set the table and put a picture of each family member that normally shows up. Heck, put up the ones that never show up because the holidays is multiple date night. Turn on Googleduo, Facebook, Periscope or one of those apps and tell each person to do the same. Now, you all are having dinner together and obeying the request of doctors to hang back from close contact.

Okay, do not kill yourself cause you will be missed and suicide does not give you relief. Persons that commit suicide go to hell and are tormented by demons who laugh cause they killed themselves. That is true. How about we laugh at pain together. I am laughing right now. I am falling on the floor laughing. Say it with me, " I will not take my life nor put myself in a situation to be harmed."

Pull up You tube and search for some famous comedians and have a laugh marathon. Post what you watch online just to connect to someone. You should know that you are valued and worthy of being loved. I do not know you personally, so I do not love you like a spouse but Jesus loves you like His bride. You can receive salvation by making a confession of faith on the salvation page. It is okay to call for help





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