Your Power

Updated: Mar 9

Women, ladies, girls,boys, lads, men you have power. Your power is your confidence in your right to shine. Stop waiting to speak up next time when you are assaulted. You must know the difference between assault and non-assault. No one has the right to put their hands on you. You must decide within yourself what you personally will allow. Get out a piece of paper and a pen and write down three ways of acceptable affection you agree with and will allow from a person bestowing affections.

This helps to guide your emotions so that when this line in the sand is crossed you already have a license to speak the freak up starting with STOP. You do not need to file a lawsuit or get every person fired. Men and women are full of raging hormones. Setting boundaries for your body in your mind, before your eyes to be spoken aloud in your ears is good.

Being assured in what you want and do not want helps you to speak plainly without fear of retribution. Forget about wondering if others will hate you for speaking up. It’s okay to speak up for you. This does not give you permission to become a bully with your confidence. Rather, it’s a call to be kind and use wisdom. Telling a person how it is is kind wisdom. Saying, get your hands off me is perfectly fine. Or saying don’t touch me, is okay. You are worth the offensive defense, meaning open your mouth and say something. You are strong , you are beautiful , you are smart and you can do anything including saying, 'No. Stop!'. You are worth saving you.

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